• POS has two tri axel swab rigs equipped with ¼ Dyform braided line.
  • One rig is a derrick unit, the other rig is a mast unit.
  • Both rigs are equipped with certified 5K pressure equipment.
  • Both rigs are equipped with tool trap.
  • Each rig is stocked with general wireline tools (Jars, setting tools, pulling tools, GS and wax
    knives in 2 3/8” and 2 7/8”)
  • Flow back tank for each rig (if swabbing down line is not an option)
  • Both swab rigs are able to conduct a variety of services. These services could include but are
    not limited to the following:
    • Swabbing both inline and to tank
    • Plunger lift installation
    • Bumper spring fishing (able to pull 6000 lbs)
    • De waxing
    • Gauge ring or clearance run
    • Fishing tool strings (using POS bag BOP instead of big picker/slickline)