Regulatory Services

Surface Casing Vent Test
  • Surface casing vent tests, or SCVTs, are conducted to satisfy AER requirements.
  • A typically POS SCVT test consists of a bubble test, flow and buildup conducted with PD meter
    and digital pressure logger.
Packer Isolation Test
  • Packer Isolation tests are conducted to satisfy AER requirements.
  • POS digitally logs the 10 minute hold period and provides graph/tabular data.
  • POS has a professionally built packer testing trailer which includes double wall tank with top
    outlets along with Hawk pump and Isuzu diesel motor. Tank can hold up to 2000 litres and
    pump is capable of 50 to 70 litres per minute@200 psi pressure.
Gas Migration Test
  • POS provides gas migration testing prior to abandonment of well (as per AER recommendation) or when there is visible evidence of gas from around the casing bowl.
  • POS has established procedures and proven equipment which can accurately measure any gas
    migration, leading to informative and accurate information which can lead to repair solutions.