Production Optimization

Fluid Level
  • POS regular completes fluid level shots for various customers (using either paper of digital
  • POS provides detailed fluid level report including all information like pumpjack API, etc.
  • POS will compile customer data into spreadsheet with tabs for each well to make data easy to
    find and access.
AWS Buildup/AWS Single Shot
  • POS has automated fluid level equipment c/w independent pressure logger.
  • By using an independent pressure logger, POS is able to log the casing pressure every 30
    seconds while conducting fluid levels at various schedules. Customer will always get detailed
    casing pressure data which is handy if fluid level stay at bottom throughout the buildup.
  • POS can also conduct AWS single shot if the well has been shut in for over 14 days.
  • POS has in house software to provide customer with detailed bottom hole pressure including
    validated PAS file.
Wireless Dynamometer
  • POS has built a wireless dynamometer system consisting of 40,000 lb load cell and 400 inch
    position transducer. Note: POS has sourced out a “newer technology” for string transducer
    which has proven to be extremely robust when compared to other units on market.
  • POS is able to conduct wireless dynamometers to evaluate pumping conditions, or even to check loads on a pump off controller.
  • The wireless feature of the dynamometer system allows POS to be parked up to 1 km away from wellhead and still be able to record data. The wireless feature is proving to be a great safety feature (do not have to be parked right at the wellhead with cables going to load cell). Also, if wellsite conditions are muddy, POS is able to park at lease entrance and walk with dynamometer system to the wellhead.
  • POS provides customer with detailed dynamometer report, including surface and pump card. Every dynamometer survey includes a pumping fluid level.
Pumpoff Controller
  • POS is able to sell and service Lufkin Automation’sWell Manager (formerly the “SAM” pump off controller) which provides optimum control for rod-pumped wells, especially when combined with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).
  • POS has experience upgrading SAM unit with expansion board to allow VFD application as well
    as replacing the various components of the SAM system.